Star Wars: Battlefront had one big problem – it was lacking a story; a worthwhile single-player experience.

The Star Wars universe is so rich with characters, worlds, and stories to tell. EA and DICE didn’t really wanted to include a campaign in their previous game, so not to add even more.

However, they heard the fans cries and they are correcting their mistake. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will have a full story campaign that will feature a new cast of characters.

You are the head of a black-ops team of Stormtroopers called Inferno Squad. This squad was on Endor when the rebel scum blew up the second Death Star. Now, they must rise from the ashes of the fallen Empire.

Above, you can find a behind the scenes video, where you can see new gameplay from Battlefront 2 and get an in-depth look at the story.

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