You can now watch the Hunt: Showdown gameplay footage shown at E3 2017.

It shows two players in the role of hunters wandering a very dark forest. The reason they are there – a giant spider demon has been spotted in the area. Demons belong in hell, and that is exactly where the hunters intend sending it. However, it’s not an easy task.

Hunt: Showdown is a PvPvE game, where teams of 2 players fight monsters and each other. The purpose of each match is to locate a demon, kill it and send it to hell. That will give you a bounty of XP, loot and other shiny things.

After the demon is dead, and the ritual performed, it’s just a matter of getting out alive with the prize in hand. And the other players aren’t going to let you do that.

Oh, and the game has permadeath so if your hunter dies you lose all your equipment. So… try not to die while you fight demons and the online gaming community.

For the first few minutes, the video is mostly hushed whispers and poor attempts at taking down zombies. We can hear other teams fighting in the distance but not much else is going on. However, things change drastically towards the end.

After the hunters manage to gather enough information on the demon, its location is marked on their map. As they approach the barn where the spider is hiding, we get to see a few higher-level enemies like a Hive and a Meathead.

A Hive is a distrusting mess of gore and flies. The Meathead is a bloated, headless corpse that sees the world through the eyes of leech-like creatures. Lovely.

The demon itself doesn’t seem to post much of a threat, unless you supper from arachnophobia. After its dead, one of the players begins the banishing ritual. Now every player on the map knows where they are, and it’s not long before they storm the barn.

Hunt: Showdown looks like an intense co-op and competitive experience. I personally love the horror angle Crytek chose to take. It looks way better than what Horrors of the Gilded Age would have been. Much mire terrifying, at least.

The game is still early in development, but we can expect more details to arrive soon.


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