Zombies, limited resources and raider packs are but a few of the challenges that could come your way in a zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier comes to show us how it all becomes terrifyingly more difficult when you need to take care of a family along the way.

You can always expect Telltale Game’s adventure titles to bring a lot of surprise and drama, and The Walking Dead Season 3 is no different.

throughout the forking story, you’ll get to make a lot of decisions, some of them can be really hard decisions even, that will form the story to your own choices.

In the game you’ll get to play as Javier “Javi” Garcia, a retired baseball player who has to take care of his brother’s wife and two kids after the zombie apocalypse separated them from the rest of the family.

Based on your decisions, Javi can be sassy, cocky, badass, introverted, or whoever you’d like him to be. Even the smallest of those choices could cost the life of characters in the game. Whichever way you define him, Javi is a very amiable character and wonderfully voiced.

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Along the story you’d get to meet Clementine, whom you may know as a key character from the the previous two seasons. You even get to play as her for a few segments. The roster of side characters is also quite diverse, and very well-written and-voiced. My personal favorite is Paul “Jesus” Monroe, who also appeared in the television series. Throughout the series he does his nickname justice by saving you from some tough situations.

The story is tense, and in many cases you’d be required to make some very tough decisions, in order to try and ensure the safety of other characters. Other times, you’ll learn that the world can be a cruel, dark place.

There were many times I was completely crushed by what had just happened on screen, as my hopes and expectations were shattered. It’s the kind of feeling you get when watching excellent TV series, like Game of Thrones (which Telltale also adapted into a game). Yeah, everybody loves a happy ending, but sometimes you get a real satisfying feeling when the game strings you along with promises of a bright future, just to punch you in the gut when you least expect it. Painful, but ultimately fun.

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A New Frontier isn’t rich in unprecedented action, but you will get to have some nice shootouts. According to your responses, various things could happen, which I really enjoyed as a player. The game isn’t difficult per se, and although Javier can die in about a hundred different ways (most of which are by becoming walker food), it probably won’t happen more than a few times.

Now let’s talk audio. The sound effects are crisp, and I loved how I could hear the herd of walkers buzzing from afar, even when I couldn’t yet see them.

The voice acting is great and highlights every character’s personality really well, except for a few characters which felt awkwardly plastic, both visually and vocally.

The game’s graphics are exactly what we’ve come to expect from Telltale, with the same cell-shaded, comicbook style. This style, which works quite well on all devices, including mobile and tablets, is starting to grow old. It just stands out in a bad way next to most modern games.

This didn’t hurt my game experience, but it would have been nice if the PC and consoles could have the option to view the game with better graphics (especially lighting) to give this game the graphics that such a powerful story deserves.

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Overall, The Walking Dead Season 3 – A New Frontier is a great game. It’s recommended for players who appreciate good storytelling, and it can be very fun even for players who are new to The Walking Dead and enjoy a good plot. In fact, the story was so exciting that after playing through the first episode I already recommended the game to some of my close friend, and that feeling remained throughout the entire season.

The game is also suitable for playing with a friend or sibling by your side, which can even upgrade the experience. Apart from a graphical style which is starting to get old, and a short story, this season is nearly flawless.

You want to go out there and survive against The Walking Dead, and explore A New Frontier.

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