Did you see the Far Cry 5 gameplay video during Ubisoft’s E3 2017 presentation? Actually, it doesn’t matter – watch it again for gunfights, explosions and the cutest video game dog ever.

Man, I already love this dog. He’s name is Boomer, and he can tag enemies in the world, distract them, and even fetch their weapons once they are down.

Boomer is part of the “Fangs for Hire” system. This new system allows you to “recruit” certain animals to fight by your side. You can also hire human mercenaries, like sniper Grace Armstrong or pilot Nick Rye as part of the “Guns for Hire” system.

According to executive producer Dan Hay, there’s a third system called “Friends for Hire”. As the name suggests, it lets you play the game together with a friend. Co-op will only be available online, as the game doesn’t support couch co-op.

The rest of the gameplay video shows the kind of mayhem the game’s open world will offer. I already mentioned all the explosions, but there are other ways for to take down enemies. You can also shoot them out of the sky from a plane, or run them over with a combine harvester.

Far Cry is my favorite Ubisoft franchise, and I loved every game in the series after Far Cry 2 (yes, even Far Cry Primal). Seeing what Ubisoft is planning for Far Cry 5 makes me happy. It looks like the newest game in the series will be just as over the top as its predecessors. Hopefully, it will have its fair share of silly, lighthearted moments as well.

Far Cry 5 is coming February 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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