The Metro franchise leaves the dank, dark and dangerous subways tunnels of Moscow, and goes up to explore the beautiful, lush and much more dangerous surface in the newly announced Metro Exodus. I posted the great-looking trailer above for you to watch.

In the next chapter in the Metro franchise, protagonist Artyom bands together with a group of Spartan Rangers and boards a train headed east. The goal? Find new life and not die trying.

Levels are much more open and less linear in Metro Exodus, meaning we should have more freedom when choosing how to approach a situation. The game’s isn’t exactly open world, as the story is still segmented into missions and levels, but it’s a huge step up from the relatively cooped up tunnels we explored in the previous games. The sandbox levels are also enhanced with a dynamic weather system, day and night cycles.

The franchise’s stealth and frantic combat have not gone away. We will need to scavenge materials and supplies in order to craft and customize our arsenal of hand-made weaponry. Naturally there will see be plenty of mutants and bad people to shoot at, and we can see some of them in the trailer.

While all we know so far about the story involves the Aurora steam locomotive and the journey east, we do know Artyom and the player will have to make some difficult choices along the way – choices that will determine the fate of your comrades. Decisions will have consequence in the story, a feature that is supposed to add to the game’s replayability.

Metro Exodus looks like a great entry that takes the Metro series forward without sacrificing its strengths. You’ll be able to play it some time during 2018, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (which from now on also includes the Xbox One X).

Metro Exodus ruins Metro Exodus landscape Metro Exodus mutant Metro Exodus underground Metro Exodus snow Metro Exodus gas mask

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