Cuphead, the 2D action platformer with visuals based on ’30s cartoons, has a final solid release date that will surely never change never ever ever. Unless the game will be delayed again.

The Cuphead release date is September 29, which is about 4 months from now. A lot can change in 4 months, but this time Microsoft is sure enough to announce the date on during E3 2017. Maybe there’s still a chance we’ll get to play as Cuphead and Mugman in 2017.

Just a quick reminder, Cuphead was first announced in 2014, and after multiple delays we are still waiting. You’ve probably noticed I keep repeating that fact, but that’s mostly because I don’t have a lot more to add on the subject…

Oh yeah – you can pre-order the game now for $20 on Xbox One, or PC through the Windows 10 store or Steam. And then play it when it released on Spetember 29. Hopefully.

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