Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a new Mario RPG where Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids characters star alongside the iconic Mario Brothers. If we are to believe the recent leak, the game (or abomination as some will surely call it) will be out on Switch this summer.

The leak isn’t a video or some vague information from an unnamed source, but rather a set of slides supposedly showing the official pitch of the game.

According to one slide, which you can see below, there are 8 playable characters with their “own playstyles and personalities”. These are Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi, alongside 4 Rabbids dressed like them.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Each character will also have its own weapon, making Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle the first time Nintendo’s mascot uses a weapon. Mario will need those weapons, as the game is 65% combat, and only %35 exploration. Combat involve moves like dashing and jumping, as well as upgradable weapons and destructible cover. Mario and company will fight 7 enemy types and 1 boss per world, in a total of 4 different “twisted” worlds full of Easter eggs.

Two players will be able to playing together in local co-op, though the pitch doesn’t specific if the game will also support online co-op with more players. It does mention that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will run for about 20 hours, which is decent for an RPG. I doubt anyone will be able to stand those Rabbids any longer.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We also learn that the game will be officially revealed at E3, probably on the Ubisoft stage or during Nintendo’s Treehouse live stream. It makes more sense for Ubisoft to announce it, though, since Ubisoft Paris and Milan are the ones developing it, using the Snowdrop engine. Fun fact: the Snowdrop engine is the engine used to develop The Division and the upcoming South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is currently scheduled to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in August or September of 2017. You can scroll through the rest of the slides, followed by the game’s official art, below.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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