It’s almost June, so it’s time for Microsoft to reveal the lineup for Games with Gold June 2017.

Xbox One owners with Xbox Live Gold accounts will be able to download Speedrunners for free for the entire duration of June. Speedrunners is a side-scrolling racing game, where up to 4 players compete in a running match with ridiculous jumps, dastardly traps and  devious weapons. It’s a highly competitive game for highly competitive gamers.

Once you’re all done with running, you can try hacking with Watch Dogs. That’s the original Watch Dogs from 2014, not it’s much better sequel from 2016. In Watch Dogs you play as gloomy Aiden Pearce as you use your smart phone to magically hack everything in your sight, including traffic lights, steam pipes and everything with a camera. Think of it as a GTA-clone, but with less fun characters and slightly more cyber-terrorism.

Watch Dogs will be available as a free download from June 16 till July 15.

For Xbox 360 owners (and Xbox One owners as well, since backwards compatibility), Microsoft is giving Assassin’s Creed 3 and Dragon Age: Origins. While AC3 isn’t the most well-received Assassin’s Creed title ever (with good reason), DA: Origins is probably still the best in its series. So whether you like stabbing people in the name of freedom, or saving the world from arch-demons – Microsoft’s got you covered.

Assassin’s Creed 3 will be available to all Xbox Live Gold members from June 1 to June 15, and Dragon Age: Origins will follow from June 16 to June 30.

The Games with Gold June 2017 lineup is a bit weak, unless you somehow missed these games when they first came out a few years ago, and was waiting for an opportunity to play them for free. If that’s the case – don’t miss out on Dragon Age: Origins; it is still the best Dragon Age game.

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