Dontnod Entertainment, the developers of the episodic Life is Strange, have announced they are working on a “brand new Life is Strange game”.

At this point, its unclear if the game will be a direct sequel with the same characters, or if it will even include the same time-rewinding mechanism from the original. There’s the possibility Dontnod will choose to tell a completely new story, since that of Max and Chloe feels pretty wrapped up, regardless of the ending you chose.

The video above, which first delivered the news about the planned sequel, also reveals that 3 million people have bought the game so far. That’s a pretty impressive number for an indie adventure title about photography and angsty teens.

I never hid my dislike of the first season of Life is Strange in my reviews¬†(beware of spoilers if you haven’t played the penultimate episode), especially the way it ends. However, I’m still curious to see what Dontnod will do with the series. I’m rooting for a brand new story and characters, since I had a hard time connecting with Max, and ended up really hating Chloe.

However, the way the narrative crafted itself to accommodate my choice was absolutely brilliant, and I would really love to see that with characters I actually care about.

Unfortunately for us, Life is Stranger (that’s how I’m calling this planned sequel for now) won’t make it to E3 2017 this June. We actually don’t know when¬†Dontnod Entertainment is planning to officially announce season 2, so we’ll have to keep an eye out on their website.

All 5 episodes of Life is Strange are currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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