SCUF Gaming knows all too well how important a good controller is for enjoying your favorite games. This time around, SCUF has not only improved upon their previous controller, the SCUF Infinity 4PS, with the Infinity 4PS Pro, but they also released an entirely new controller – The SCUF Impact. This baby is larger, more ergonomic and more comfortable for those long play sessions.

If you’ve never used a SCUF controller before, you’re missing out, and this is a great opportunity to own one (or two) of the best gaming controllers out there. Even with their hefty price tag, both casual, hardcore and competitive gamers will enjoy what these controllers have to offer, from the aesthetics to the customization options. The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro controller comes with 2 rear paddles while the new SCUF Impact comes with 4 paddles, all completely programmable and removable. To assign a face button to one of the paddles, all you have to do is use the EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) Mag Key. You need to place the key on the back and press the face button and the paddle you want to map it to. It sounds a bit weird, but its surprisingly easy to use on the fly.

SCUF Impact

You can also switch out the thumbsticks to change both their shape and color. The 4PS Pro has 4 different options: short domed, short concave, long domed and long concave, while the Impact also supports the standard PS4 thumbsticks for those who prefer them. I personally am a fan of the concave option. On top of the thumbsticks comes the new Ring and Lock system that ensure they won’t go flying off the controller during a particularly fierce online battle. Both the thumbsticks and Ring Lock system have options for different colors; the ring locks come in 11 different colors on the Impact, and the thumbsticks come in 5. It’s a nice touch that lets you create your favorite color combination without too much hassle. Both Controllers have a “Military Grade” grip option which also has 5 color options. This special grip is essentially a textured non-slip surface that makes playing for longer hours a lot more comfortable.

Both The 4PS Pro and Impact have the SCUF Trigger system, which has 3 core features. The quick shift trigger stops are these little pieces of plastic on the bottom of the triggers that can be adjusted to stop the trigger from moving any further beyond the “sweet spot”. Combined with the second core feature, the adjustable hair trigger mechanism, it can shave precious neno-seconds from your reaction time, something pro-gamers will surely appreciate. The third and final component of the SCUF Trigger system are the trigger extenders, which are these fully removable clip-on attachments that come in multiple colors (like everything else with these controllers). The Controllers SCUF sent us to test have medium length triggers on them, which I find to be quite comfortable, but you can add lengthier ones that will match any hand.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro

Up until now I only talked about features SCUF has already introduced with their previous controllers. Now let’s get into what’s new. The SCUF Impact offers a wider, more ergonomic grip that is approximately 6mm wider than the Infinity 4PS pro to house the two additional paddles. With SCUF’S new recessed paddle design, the paddles feel even easier to reach than before. The paddles include grip grooves and are curved for better finger support. At first I thought 4 paddles are a bit too much, and I wasn’t even sure I’ll even use or like them, but thanks to the new design they feel more accessible and inviting to use. The high click-through rate on the paddles means they are extremely reliable, and they withstood all of my rigorous testing.

I have been a fan of SCUF Gaming’s controllers ever since the first time I got the opportunity to try one of them. Being able to go to their site and customer every little piece of the controller is a fun experience and the end product is durable and comfortable. In my opinion, even with the higher price range, these controllers are good for any type of gamer. The hardware is great and even if you do encounter a problem it can be resolved very quickly. These controllers have improved my gameplay and made it easier to keep my thumbs where they belong.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro starts at $129.95 and the SCUF Impact controller starts at $139.95, and both are fully compatible with PC and PlayStation 4. I’d say that the Infinity 4PS Pro is more than enough for the average gamer, while the Impact is for competitive gamers looking for any advantage they can get.

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