I kind of lost track of Absolver, the online melee action game, after it was announced in May 2016. However, publisher Devolver Digital has rekindled my interest with some new Absolver gameplay footage. See it above.

The first half of the video takes us through an early game tutorial, before the online aspect of the game becomes relevant. It is a good chance to see how the hand-to-hand combat works, and learn about the different moves and stances. The combat system appears much more robust then what you might expect, with the ability to learn new moves from your opponents, use or disarm weapons, and customize your armor, weapons and combos.

We then get to witness players fight against each other in PvP. The same systems are in play, but you can really see how each player’s style is reflected in their moves and combos.

Players don’t have to fight when they cross paths. Instead, they can decide to team up and enter co-op PvE. There’s also a mentor-disciple system in the game. Veteran players can decide to take beginners under their wing and teach them new moves and abilities.

It is nice to see that despite the rather simple premise, Absolver delivers a deep fighting experience; at least that’s the impressions I get from watching this gameplay demo. Absolver will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.


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