A new Prey developer diary by Arkane Studio is now online, and it reveals some more gameplay, as well as a few tidbits of information regarding the game’s story. Particularly, we learn more about Morgan Yu and her place in the world of Prey.

Be warned though, as some of the story details revealed in this video might be considered minor spoilers. I was a little annoyed to hear some of it; not because it’s bad or stupid, but because I really wished I have the chance to learn it myself when playing the game.

It’s nothing really crucial, but I thought I give you a heads up just in case.

On more general terms, the video expands more on Morgan’s development as a character and how he or she are molded my their choices throughout the game. Some choices will also affect the gameplay in some neat ways, like the enemies you’ll fight aboard Talos, or the powers you’ll have at your disposal.

Choice also extends to the NPCs you meet during your time on the space station. Some will ask you for favors, and you can decide which ones to help. Your relationship with these NPCs will influence the story in various ways, according to the video.

Prey is out May 5 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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