White Papers, the developers of the acclaimed indie title Ether One, have announced a new game – The Occupation.

The Occupation is described as a “politically driven, first-person, narrative game set in 1980’s North-West England.” Players will take the role of a whistleblowing journalist in the wake of a terrorist attack that left 23 dead. The incident has led to the creation of The Union Act, a controversial bill which threatens the civil liberties and rights of the British people.

The game is set during four crucial hours on October 24, 1987. These hours will determine the outcome of The Union Act and the future of the entire country, no less.

Events in the game all happen in real time, and players will have to make choices based on the evidence they have. The narrative will be shaped by your decisions as the reporter, so you’ll have to consider your steps carefully if you wish to bring about a particular outcome that suits your political views.

Four hours isn’t a lot of time to investigate, and I already see how players will need multiple playthroughs to uncover more and more information that might lead to new decisions and consequences.

I know some people shy away from political games, but this one seems like it deals with an interesting question that is pretty much always relevant to our way of life. Choosing the set the game in the 1980s was probably a good idea as well, as it distances the game from today’s politically charged reality.

The Occupation still doesn’t have an official release date or platforms. We’ll keep you informed once we know more. In the meantime, here are a few screenshots.

The Occupation The Occupation The Occupation The Occupation

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