Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night producer, Koji Igarashi, has some good news for backers who recently purchased a brand new Nintendo Switch. However, he also has bad news for those who were hoping to get a copy of Castlevania’s spiritual successor for Wii U.

Let’s start with the good news: Bloodstained is now in development for the Switch, and backers can go refill the survey and change their console of choice.

Those who selected the Wii U version might want to consider doing just that. We now know that developer Inti Creates has decided to cancel the game’s Wii U version, so if you opt for it, you’ll have to either chance your selection or file for a refund.

“During our Kickstarter campaign, the Wii U was at the height of its popularity, but the situation has drastically changed after the release of Nintendo Switch,” Igarashi said in a statement. “This change made it difficult to receive the necessary support from the hardware maker, which has led us to drop the Wii U development and shift the development to Nintendo Switch.”

You have until April 20 to file your request, so if you don’t own a PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Switch or decent PC, than you should probably get on that. Head over to the most recent Backers Update to find out if you’re eligible for a refund.


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