Project Sonic 2017 has been officially announced as Sonic Forces, the spiritual successor of the excellent Sonic Generations. The announcement took place during SXSW 2017, but now we have the official trailer, gameplay footage and screenshots to share.

The cinematic trailer shows a city under attack my giant robots, probably sent by Doctor Eggman. Our hero Sonic the Hedgehog is running, jumping and dodging debris, when all of a sudden a second Sonic saves him from a flying piece of building. It seems that just like in the previous game, players will play as both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. The one doing the saving, by the way, is Classic Sonic.

At the end of the video we see the game is slated for a Holiday 2017 release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

A cinematic trailer is all well good, but I bet you want to see some actual gameplay. Well, look no further than the end of this post, as Sega also released a very short gameplay video from Sonic Forces. The video shows Modern Sonic running through the same destroyed city we see in the trailer, collecting rings, bashing enemies, avoiding spikes and generally being Sonic.

We also see the blue hedgehog riding a zip line and collecting some sort of container with something yellow inside. It could be a trapped critter, though it really doesn’t look like anything. Maybe it’s a power up.

Sonic fans have something to look forward to later this year, when Sonic Forces comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. It sure looks like Sega and Sonic Team are trying to recreate the success of Sonic Generations, which can only mean good things for the series.

Sonic Forces Sonic Forces Sonic Forces

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