The Surge, the new action-RPG by Lords of the Fallen developers Deck13, will be released on May 16. We know that because it says so at the end of the game’s new CGI trailer.

Yeah, it doesn’t show any real gameplay, but I still quite like the new trailer. It demonstrates the kind of visceral sci-fi action we’re in for. Plus, we get to hear more about the CREO Megacorporation from a holographic hipster, which is something you don’t often get to see.

The video also shows how the limb targeting system lets you tear off parts from machines and mechsuits and gain weapons and other loot.

Now that we know The Surge’s release date, it’s time to decide whether the game is worth pre-ordering or not. Luckily, Deck13 also revealed the pre-order bonus you’ll get if you do decide to go for it. There are three items included in this bonus: the CREO PS01 Limited Rig, a Mechanized Counterweight Implant which increased the damage you deal enemies, and a Dowsing OS Proximity Sensor Implant which helps you find hidden secrets in the world.

The Surge will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16.

The Surge pre-order

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