The newest Prey trailer is less of a trailer and more of an educational video. It tells us more about various forms of the deadly Typhon aliens we’ll meet aboard the Talos I space station.

First, there’s the Mimic, which we already saw in action in previous videos. It’s that spider-like creature that can turn into chairs, trash cans and coffee mugs. We now learn that the Mimics can absorb organic material from humans, leaving behind an empty husk. Once a group of Mimics have had its share of delicious human life energy, they combine to create a Weaver.

The Weaver is basically a Typhon spawn point. They can create all sorts of new alien life forms – none of which are particularly friendly. The video shows two of these new aliens: the Phantom and the Telepath.

Phantoms are created from the human husks I mentioned earlier. Because these are human and Typhon hybrids, they appear humanoid and can even be echoing random thoughts of their human host as they stalk the corridors of Talos I. Talk about creepy. When engaged in combat, Phantoms will either use this whip-like limbs up close, or fire orbs of kinetic energy from a distance. Some Phantoms can mutate into a variety of forms with different powers.

When a Weaver fails to turn a husk into a Phantom, it accidentally creates an invisible Poltergeist Typhon. We don’t know much about them, but nothing good ever came out of the combination of “invisible” and “alien”.

While Phantoms and Poltergeists sound scary enough, there are nothing compared to the Telepath. This blob of a creature can use a powerful psychic attack that temporarily disables Morgan’s ability to use powers. Not only that, but it can also control other living creatures, including humans. These possessed humans are aware they are possessed, and will scream at you to run away or that they don’t want to hurt you. Apparently you have a choice to either kill them, or try and “disable” them somehow.

You can learn more about the terrifying Typhon from the video above. There’s even more information on the game’s official website, including about something called The Nightmare.

Prey will be released on May 5 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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