Bethesda as started releasing more videos for Quake Champions to prepare us all to the upcoming closed beta. The first two videos released are a Champion profile on Nyx, and a short overview of the Blood Covenant Arena.

Nyx is an agile and stealthy Champion, at least as stealthy as you can be in a Quake game. Her abilities are the Wall Jump, which is just that, and the Ghost Walk. The Ghost Walk allows Nyx to phase into another dimension, where she is both invincible and invisible. While she can’t attack during her Ghost Walk, she can use this ability to surprise other players, or escape harm.

Nyx starts with 100 HP, 75 armor, and has a speed value of 270.

The second video gives us a look at the Blood Covenant area. The map is based on The Camping Grounds map from Quake 3 arena, and features many of the areas fans know, like the jump pad that leads to the rocket launcher, or the railgun ledge.

Quake Champions will be released later this year on PC.

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