Warner Bros. has released the second part of the Shattered Alliance trailer, also known as the Injustice 2 story trailer. Just like the first part, the video shows glimpses of the game’s story mode, but this time it focuses more on Batman and his allies.

In the trailer, we learn that both Green Lantern and Green Arrow join Batman’s resistance, and judging by the gameplay segments of the two, they are valuable assets.

We also get to see two new villains – Reverse Flash and another character who seem to be Captain Cold. Since Reverse Flash only appears in a cutscene where he is fighting Flash in heavy traffic, it’s hard to tell if he is a playable character or not. Captain Cold, however, is since during an in-game fight with Green Arrow, so we know he’ll be playable even he wasn’t officially revealed yet.

I wonder if we’ll see a part three of the¬†Shattered Alliance trailer, where Brainiac will finally make an appearance. The smart money is on him being the story mode’s final boss, so naturally we won’t see too much of his story cutscenes to avoid spoilers.

Injustice 2 comes out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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