You can now sign up for the Quake Champions closed beta on PC.

It’s an easy process: just follow this link to the beta registration form, leave you email, confirm you are over 18 years old (don’t lie!), and you’re in! Well, not in-in, just registered for the closed beta. You still need to wait and see if you’ll get a key once it actually starts.

During the beta, participants will have access to two different arenas: Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath. The latter is the one will the big eye you can see in the video above. So far there are 6 confirmed champions and weapons, including the fan-favorite rocket launcher; because you can’t have a Quake game without the rocket launcher.

You can read about all of them on the game’s official site, after you register for the beta.

One of the confirmed Champions is Nyx, which will be the star of a new Champion profile video released tomorrow. On Thursday, Bethesda will release another video, about the Blood Covenant arena, so Quake fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming days.

Quake Champions will launch in 2017 exclusively on PC. The closed beta will start sometime before that, one can presume.

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