Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles at the moment, with tweets from Nintendo’s representatives downright calling the launch sales an astounding success. However, no console launch comes without problems. A lot of people have taken to the internet to share their “Day 1 experience” with tweets, videos and posts, a lot of them detailing various problems and malfunctions they encountered.

Common problems include Wi-Fi issues, a Blue Screen of Death, flickering screens, crushes that result in a high pitch noise that murders people’s ears, loose and wobbly JoyCon controllers, wrist straps getting stuck when trying to remove them from the JoyCons, the dock scratching the consoleunrecognized cartridges, and whatever the hell this is.

Even The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the console’s much anticipated launch title, is suffering.  Gamers have reported graphical glitches and crashes in-game.

This is an embarrassingly long list of launch issues, and these are not even all of them. Right now, Nintendo’s official statement is to simply visit their support site.

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