Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software, took to the stage during Epic’s Unreal Engine presentation at GDC 2017, and showed something that “may or may not” be Borderlands 3.

Pitchford wasn’t there to reveal a new game, but to show the technology the studio is using for its future games. More specifically, the next Borderlands game. You can see exactly what was on stage in the video below. It’s the entire Unreal Engine keynote, which runs for 7 hours, but Pitchford’s presentation starts about the 01:04:00 mark.

Pitchford does insist that what we’re seeing isn’t a game, but is just a technical demo. He talks about the┬átechnologies the studio is playing with, and things do get a little heavy on the technobabble, but even if you’re not that interested in what the Unreal Engine can do, you can still look at the pretty screen captures. They do look very nice, and very Borderlands.

While this isn’t Borderlands 3, we can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the next game in the series. It’s not that much of a surprise that Borderlands 3 is a thing, since Randy Pitchford confirmed Gearbox is working on it about a year ago.

Below you’ll find some of the screens shown during the presentation. However, I highly recommend you watch the video above as well – there are some really cool stuff in it.

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