It’s sometimes hard to ask someone to spend $350 on an office chair. However, once they try the Ferrino Gaming Chair by RapidX, they’ll light their old chair on fire and throw it away like the trash that is.

The first thing that anyone will notice once they actually sit down, is how comfortable this gaming chair is. The Ferrino caters to your every need as it gently hugs you (but not in a creepy way) while you sit on its 20.5 inch wide seat. The neck and lumbar cushions are similarly intended for supporting your body perfectly. The cushions also have a small enough profile that they don’t push your back and neck out at odd angles, meaning that no matter what your chair settings are, your body will be treated to the same amazing level of comfort.

Adjusting the Ferrino to your desired level of comfort is an intricate experience that is somehow incredibly easy to use at the same time. It functions much the same way a car seat does in that you can adjust the angle of your seat with the lever on the right, between 85 and 155 degrees. The Ferrino tilts with the help of a metal locking mechanism which keeps the chair at the desired angle no matter how far you lean back. Basically, you don’t have to worry about breaking the chair as you push back. The 10.5” armrests can be adjusted on the X, Y and Z axes. Although the 3D design might appear a little superfluous, it’s still something that’s “nice to have”. Even if you don’t really use it, it can be somewhat fun to mess around with it during game load times.

Ferrino Gaming Chair

The design team at RapidX was able to capture a pleasant mixture of style and class with the Ferrino low-key color designs, metal base and PVC leather finish. Although the majority of the chair is “office black”, the streaks of color breathe life into the outline and the diamond pattern stitching on the front of the back rest. Right now, the available color palettes are all black, blue on black, brown on black, red on black, pink on black, and white on black. No matter which color you choose as a highlight, the design itself suits both the home or the office.

The mixture of style and class is further highlighted by the design of the chair’s 5 point, 20.8” aluminum base. The 2-inch casters help support the chair’s maximum weight of 250lbs (150kgs), which is pretty nice since it’s really the lift cylinder that has to take most of the weight when it raises from 14” to 16.5”. The Ferrino uses a foam core, instead of the fluff that typical office chairs use to separate you from the chair, that wraps around your behind for a perfect level of comfort.

Ferrino Gaming Chair

Assembling the Ferrino is a relatively easy affair, with the only caveat being that its nearly impossible to line up the lift cylinder with the bottom of the seat by yourself. You’ll need someone else in the room to help you with that specific part. After that, you are 12 bolts away from pure gaming comfort. One word of warning, though: if you were planning on moving the chair between home and work for some reason, take heed – the back rest and seat cannot be separated once assembled. A piece of plastic that covers the metal bolts fixes permanently to the sides and cannot be taken off without breaking. Thankfully you can still break it down into the rest of the original pieces which helps when transporting.

When in comes to the bottom line (or just your bottom), The Ferrino Gaming Chair can provide a most comfy experience while you get your game on. Anything beyond this level of comfort would result in an immediate nap-time, though the Ferrino can probably accommodate that as well.

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