Before we start, I feel I have to warn you that the videos and screenshots you’re about to see are a bit disturbing (and somewhat NSFW). Those of you who were not deterred by my warnings can now watch two new videos from Agony, the upcoming horror game set in Hell.

Both videos revolve around demons. The first one is a trailer, and is more cryptic and atmospheric than anything else. The second one is the more interesting one, in my opinion, as it shows what the player can do when possessing a demon.

During the 4 minutes of gameplay we can see that demons have the power of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, and can kill tormented souls and other demons. This is very different from the last gameplay video we saw, where the player was in control of a martyr, and had to use stealth to avoid demons.

It is still unclear if playing as either a demon or a martyr will have any effect on the story, and not just the gameplay. It would be really interesting to see if taking a less violent path can somehow redeem your soul and let you escape Hell.

We’ll see where this hellish journey takes us once Agony is released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Agony Agony Agony Agony

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