Rally Call, a Team Fortress 2 community tournament, will be hosting a weekend long charity event, starting February 24 – 26. Members from all across the TF 2 coomunity, both newcomers and known players will be gathering to raise money for Animal Rescue services.

The charity event will feature streamers, YouTubers, content creators and SFM artists – all competing in a 6v6 elimination tournament. The goal is to raise £3,000 the International Animal Rescue, and you can do your part on the fundraiser page.

If you want further information about the Rally Call tournament, please make sure to check out the official Reddit post. Or you can just jump in and watch the whole thing on the Rally Call Twitch livestream.

It’s a good cause, plus any TF2 player who donates £5 or more will receive a special in-game medal that shows they really do care.

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