Platinum Games wants you to know you will have plenty of weapons to fight the robot uprising with in Nier: Automata. That’s why the game’s new trailer is all about 2B’s weapons, combos, and fighting skills.

Protagonist 2B has an arsenal of short swords, long swords, spears and metallic boxing gloves at her disposal. It isn’t immediately clear whether a certain weapon is better against a certain type of enemy – it most looks like every weapons is really fun to use.

Platinum Games are known for their deep combat system, and Nier: Automata appears to continue this tradition. 2B can strike, dodge and switch weapons mid-combo to really maximize the robot carnage. She also has a tiny flying robot that can rain bullets from above, explode, and unleash other special attacks. We can see it slowing down time in one point in the video.

Nier: Automata is out on the PlayStation 4 on March 7 in north America, and March 10 in Europe. Some reports claim the PC version is scheduled for March 10 as well, but the date was not yet confirmed by publisher Square Enix.

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