There’s a Ghost Recon Wildlands minigame you can play to earn some nice (ans more importantly – free) in-game rewards.

The minigame, titled A World With No Heroes, has you exploring the Ghost Recon Wildlands game map through security cameras. You need to view live feeds from around the map, indentify targets, collect intel and general see what the cartel is up to.

While you can always select which feed and witnes carchases or random firefights, the minigame will alert you when there’s a new mission for you to complete, and where you can find it. Once you complete 50% of all missions available, you will unlock your rewards.

These rewards are 4 unique badges and a 2-hour XP boost. This boost will give you 50% more experience points while you play, and your teammates will gain 25% more.

You’ll be able to redeem your rewards when Ghost Recon Wildlands comes out March 7 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The open beta starts February 23, and you can already pre-load it today.

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