Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake are two of the most hotly anticipated video games of the last decade, so you bet we’re going to share with you every detail we get about them, no matter how small. This time, we have three new screenshots to show you – one from Kingdom Hearts 3 and two from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

All three screens where shown during the Monaco Anime Game International Conference 2017, and thanks to director Tetsuya Nomura (brought to us by and Gematsu) we can learn a few things from them.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 screen shows Sora fighting as new model of The Heartless in Thebes. We see one of the Power Forms of the new Keyblade – the shield. Nomura  also mentions the Keyblade can transform into a chariot.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The next two images of Final Fantasy VII Remake show combat, though the second one is the more interesting one. There we get a look at the Scorpion, the game’s first boss. Nomura mentions that allies won’t take damage from grenades, but the environment is destructible.

Apparently, there was a video Tetsuya Nomura wanted to show during the conference, but Square Enix refused his request. We’ll get to see it on a later date.

Both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake are currently without a release date.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake

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