My Memory of Us tackles some rather sensitive subject matter in one of the ugliest periods of human history. Set in a Jewish ghetto in Poland during the World War II, this indie puzzle platformer tells the story of a young boy and girl and their strong friendship.

Players will control these two children, each with their own unique abilities. The two will work together to solve various logic puzzles and find a way they can be united again. “When they’re together, they’re not afraid of robots, prohibitions, and high walls,” the official statement reads.

While the subject matter may be ugly, the game itself looks really nice. Because it shows the world through the eyes of two children, My Memory of Us looks a lot like a cartoon – one you might have seen in the 1930s. That is also the reason why many things adults might consider horrible, like Nazi soldiers and bombs, are depicted as weird-looking robots straight out of a kid’s imagination.

“Children have their own way of thinking. Good, evil, and human relations – they have completely different perceptions of these subjects than adults,” developer Juggler Games wrote. “They also have something we, as grown-ups, are missing – a natural ability to focus on things that bring us together. This includes when brutal reality tries to test them.”

The studio admits the game is inspired by the events that took place during World War II in Poland, and has actually inserted references to real places and people into the game. However, the developers also claim that their story of love and friendship could also have happened in a different time and a different place.

“My Memory of Us is in fact a tribute to our loved ones,” said creative director Jakub Jabłoński. “We wanted to tell their stories to the world, about their tough childhood experiences; about their nostalgia, their longing for real friendship, and about together opposing the great danger that is war.”

It’s good to know the studio is taking the game very seriously, despite the cartoon aesthetics.

My Memory of Us is a PC exclusive, and still doesn’t have an official release date. You can find out more about the game at

My Memory of Us My Memory of Us My Memory of Us My Memory of Us My Memory of Us

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