E3 2017 will be open its doors to 15,000 members of the general public who are willing to pay up to $249 for a ticket. This is the first time the convention grants access to so many people who aren’t part of the industry or press.

Ticket sales will begin on February 13 at 12am ET. The first 1000 tickets will be sold at $149, while the next 14,000 ticket will be priced at $249.

These tickets will grant access to the show floor, special panels and other events for the entire length of the convention, which runs for three days.

E3 is considered to be the biggest video game convention in the world, despite the fact more and more companies, like EA and Bethesda, choose to skip it and conduct their own events.

E3 2017 takes place in Los Angeles, California, on June 13-15.

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