Judging by the new Call of Cthulhu trailer, detective Edward Pierce is in over his head. What started as a simple missing person investigation has turned into a downward spiral into insanity, with whale mutilations, disappearing bodies, ungodly creatures from the deep and the Great Dreamer itself РCthulhu.

That’s exactly what a game about H.P. Lovecraft’s work should be like.

We still don’t quite to see how the game actually plays, but the concept of an “RPG-Investigation game”, as developer Cyanide defines it, is intriguing. Let’s hope you’ll be getting an actual gameplay trailer soon, because I’ve been waiting for one for a couple of years now.

The new Call of Cthulhu trailer is just a hint of the kind of madness that awaits us later this year, when the game is released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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