Capcom will be handing out free Resident Evil 7 DLC to anyone who bought the game, even if they didn’t purchase the full Season Pass.

According to popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, the name of the free DLC will be Not a Hero, and it will be a bit different than what we’ll see in the main game. Other than that there are no more details available at the moment.

However, one NeoGAF user might have something more for us to chew on. Dusk Golem claims the new chapter will not star the game’s protagonist Ethan, but a new character whose story fills in some of the blanks in the main campaign.

Both sources point at a spring release for Not a Hero, though Dusk Golem narrows it down to the month of May 2017 on all platforms.

It’s important to also emphasize that Not a Hero won’t be the only DLC for RE7. The rest of the DLC will be part of the paid Season Pass, and will include 2 “Banned Footage” volumes, each containing three episodes, and one additional story chapter.

Resident Evil 7 will be release next week, on January 24, for PC, PS4, Xbox One.

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