Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro is back making video games!

Almost three months after he announced his retirement from Access Games, Swery65 has opened a new indie development studio called Whilte Owls in Osaka, Japan.

According the new studio’s Facebook page and official site, White Owls is a small team dedicated to deliver “unique content ” that’s “full of originality”. In the site’s About Us section, you can find a letter from the president and CEO of White Owls, Swery65 himself, that explains the meaning behind the studio’s name. Weirdly enough, only Suehiro appears in this section, with no word about other studio members bar a stuffed chimp named Sharapova that’s listed as a PR representative.

The site also has a store where you can buy various items with images of the studio’s mascot Prince Owlery, or pictures of Suehiro’s tattooed behind.

White Owls is currently working hard of their first original project, and whatever it turns out to be, I’m sure it will have that strange Swery65 magic to it. In other words – it will probably be really weird, in a good way.

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