Nintendo has announced Super Mario Odyssey – the next Super Mario title and the first game in the franchise on Switch.

In this open-world Mario game, our friendly plumber will visit various different world, one of them very similar to our own. We can now finally see how Mario would be in the real world, and apparently he wouldn’t have any issues fitting under your sink to fix the pipes…

Mario also runs and jumps through several other worlds, each with its own unique visual style. From a frozen desert to a lush green frost to cel-shaded mountains of chees, we are in for quite the adventure. The worlds themselves will be open for Mario to explore in the same fashion as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

However, the announcement trailer’s big reveal is Mario’s new gadget – a snipping hat with eyes. I’m not sure if Mario’s old hat suddenly gained concessions, or if this is a completely new headgear, but it seems to bring some new gameplay mechanics along with it.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release during holiday season 2017, exclusively on Switch.

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