There were many amazing advancements in technology on display on the show floor at CES 2017, but Razer truly stole the show with their 3 screen gaming notebook, codenamed Project Valerie.

Project Valerie boasts 3 4K motorized monitors that open and close on command and can also be customized to various gaming environments.

After receiving numerous awards for the epic achievement in notebook technology, Vincent Chen from the development team at Razer took the time to show off the notebook to our resident host, Jassi Patayon. As it is only a prototype, the amount of information available was very limited, but Vincent did have quite a bit of details for us. We can’t wait to see more of Project Valerie in the coming year.

There was a lot to check out at CES 2017 so be sure to check out all of our adventures on our GamersPack YouTube Channel as well as here on the official site.

Razer Project Valerie Razer Project Valerie Razer Project Valerie Razer Project Valerie

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