Mega Man Mobile was announced a few days ago, marking the arrival of the first six Mega Man games on Android and iOS devices. We also talked briefly about about previous mobile ports in the franchise, and how infamous they became thanks to their instability.

Well, if you dare look at the Google Play pages of the Mega Man 1-6 games and check the reviews, you will see that our worst fears have come true. Since the games were released, costumers filed plenty of complaints about aspects such as gameplay mechanics and frame rate issues. You can even find 5 stars reviews saying things along the lines of “Fix the framerate plz”.

Polygon posted one user review that I think sums everything up perfectly:

“Terrible frame rate makes it extremely hard to play. Can’t accurately time jumps/attacks and it honestly just feels bad. I’m running Android 6.0.1 with 6GB RAM and the minimum requirements state Android 4.0 1GB RAM. I guess that’s what you should expect from a $2 mobile port though.”

We hope that the issues mentioned above are fixed by Capcom in the near future. Or, you know, you should just play Mega Man Legacy Collection like everyone else.

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