Whether its to introduce him to a new generation, or just to try and squeeze what money there’s left in the dormant franchise, Capcom is bringing the Blue Bomber to iOS and Android mobile devices. Mega Man Mobile is a set of the original six Mega Man games, adapted especially to work on mobile devices using touch screen controls.

This isn’t the first time Mega Man appears on smartphones. In 2009, Mega Man 2 (probably the most famous of the six games) was released on iOS, where it did not make a strong impression. In 2011, the beloved spin-off Mega Man X also made its way to iOS, and gained even less success thanks to its microtransactions system. And let’s not even mention Mega Man Xover, or should I say Rockman Xover as the game never reached the west.

However, Mega Man Mobile seems to be a bit more polished than any of Mega Man’s previous mobile misadventures. Although playing such a fast and challenging game using touch controls might be a whole other issue.

We, as most gamers, love Mega Man. It’s a classic series that has done a lot to influence the industry and our childhood. However, another mobile port is probably not what this series needs. There are already more than enough ways to play the Mega Man games, including the Mega Man Legacy Collection that’s available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and 3DS.

If you are still interested, Mega Man Mobile will be available on Android and iOS on January 5, at a price of $2 per game (that’s $12 for all six).

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