I don’t you if you know this, but before it was a thrilling slasher horror title on the PlayStation 4, Until Dawn was a PlayStation Move exclusive game for the PlayStation 3.

While the final version of Until Dawn is actually pretty great, the same cannot be said about its original form. I vaguely remember seeing a demo of the game in Gamescom 2012 before completely dismissing it as a clunky experiment not worth mentioning in polite conversation. Luckily, that’s not where things ended for the game.

If you want to see how Until Dawn looked back in 2012, The video above from PtoPOnline gives you a pretty lengthy look at the PS3 prototype. If you look past the bad graphics and the awkward Move controls, you can see the first hints of what eventually became the game we know and love.

By the way, Until Dawn is actually on sale right now on PlayStation 4 until tomorrow morning (or until dawn), so if you hurry you could catch it in a ridiculously low price.

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