The first Global Mission of Pokemon Sun and Moon has reached its end a few hours ago. Unfortunately, the mission was a complete failure, as trainers from all over the world didn’t even come close to catching 100 million Pokemon.

The English version of the Pokemon Global Link website informs players that they just “Missed the goal” but no numbers are specified. However, the Japanese version provides clear-cut results.

The Japanese Global Link page says that between all players who took part in the challenge, they only managed to collect 16.4 million pocket monsters, which is a far cry from the 100 million goal. Many fans blame the tedious Global Link registration process, which involves linking your game to the online Global Sync with a special ID number. Without this step, a player’s Pokemon collection wouldn’t count toward the final global goal.

If the challenge turned out to be a success, all the participant trainers would have received up to 2,000 Festival Coins for use in the Festival Plaza, which is the multiplayer Hub for Pokemon Sun/Moon. The consultation prize is 100 FC, with 200 FC being awarded to those who are registered on the Global Link.

The second Global Missions will start December 27. Instead of “catching ’em all”, players will be tasked with searching for Pokemon using the Island Scan feature.

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