Capcom has released three separate gameplay videos for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, each showing different areas and dangers. Seeing some actual in-game footage is a nice change of pace from all the teasers and other marketing material released so far, and it also gives us an indication of how RE7 will actually play like.

The first video, seen above, is centered around Jack Baker and his lacking hospitality skills. We see him hit the player with a shovel, and then bursting through a wall like it wasn’t there. He also appears to be pretty indestructible himself, as neither bullets or being set on fire seen to deter him.

The second of the bunch focuses more on exploration, with a few action bits thrown in the middle and end. It’s also the first time we see an enemies that aren’t members of the Baker family. These are more classic RE enemies in the form of oozing, shambling creatures in the house’s basement.

We also catch a glimpse of Aunt Rhody, who is another Baker, or at least I think she is.

Lastly, the final video shows Marguerite Baker and her bees (not the bees!). There’s also a bit of puzzle-solving and some heavy crank action. All-in-all – very creepy and frighting stuff.

Resident Evil 7 is coming out next month, on January 24. The final version of the Beginning Hour demo is currently available on PS4, with an Xbox One and Pc version coming in a few days.

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