Sir, You are Being Hunted developer, Big Robot has just released the first gameplay video from their next project – The Signal from Tolva.

The game appears to be an open-world sci-fi shooter that takes a page from No Man’s Sky’s approach to visual design and world-building, but with an actual game on top of that.

In the video, we hear the head of Big Robot, Jim Rossignol, explain how players will be able to explore the vast planet the game takes place on, and how they can engage in many, many firefights with dangerous robots.

The goal here is to take control of the entire planet and to discover the source of a mysterious alien signal. To do so, you’ll have to push back rival factions and expand your territory by conquering enemy bases and other key locations.

The main focus of this first video is combat against the game’s AI. No combat scenario is scripted, so every time you engage with an enemy faction will be different.

During the video, we see the player, accompanied by a small squad of friendly robots, attacking an enemy position, only to have a third faction joining the battle just when he thought victory was at hand.

Firefights appear to be exciting enough to keep the player going, while smaller features like equipment research and customization, and rudimentary squad mechanics fill in the gaps.

The Signal from Tölva is expected to hit the PC in 2017.

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