Final Fantasy XV finally launched today to a wave a positive reception from both critics and fans. By the way, GamersPack’s review will hit early next week, so stick around for that.

However, you probably already know this. What you might not know is that one 4Chan user managed to leak the entire ending of Final Fantasy XV back in June 2016, but nobody believed it.

The user leaked a ton of details regarding Final Fantasy XV, and even though there were a few misconceptions and wrong information, almost everything turned out to be entirely true, including information on the final boss and fates of the main characters. While the original 4Chan thread is not available anymore, the whole thing is up on NeoGAF (obvious spoilers, obviously).

Naturally, the colorful comments from people back then went from “Most of this sounds like it’s fake” to “That’s straight up bullsh*t”. It is 4Chan we’re talking about after all. However, now we know it was all mostly spot on.

The same informant also claimed that Final Fantasy XV was in a complete bad state and that the developers were nervous about releasing the game at September 30. Oddly enough, the release date was indeed changed to November 29 shortly after this post was made.

Another interesting detail regarding this leak is that when somebody asked if Final Fantasy XVI was in development, the 4Chan leaker responded with “FFXVI is only going to happen if XV does well”. They also revealed that other development teams are busy with the FFVII remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, and not Final Fantasy XVI.

So that means we’ll have to wait another 200 years for the next Final Fantasy game?

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