Hello Games stayed relatively quiet after the release of the ambitious, yet poorly received No Man’s Sky. Now we know why. The developer has finally released the huge update 1.1, dubbing it the Foundation Update. Why “Foundation”? Because it serves as the base for all future content for the game.

The most obvious addition the Foundation update brings are new game mode. You have Normal mode, which is the “original chilled exploration experience”, but now you also have Creative mode, which lets you build a “huge base” while exploring, and Survival mode which offers a “more challenging endurance experience” that sees the player building outposts and harvesting resources to, well, survive.

Building appears to be a major part of update 1.1. Plays will be able to turn a abandoned outpost into their own personal base of operations. This base will offer both shelter and storage, but can also be used for research, farming and development of new tools. You can actually hire aliens to man (alien?) you base and help you maintain your base and projects. On top of your base, you can also purchase a space freighter that basically serves as a mobile base. You can use it for the same things you use your base, but you can summon it from anywhere in the galaxy.

Other changes and improvements include a quick menu, item stacking in the inventory, teleportation, visual tweaks and many many more. The video above and the patch notes do a good job covering all the new additions this mega-update brings, so I’ll leave you to it.

Only time will tell if the Foundation update will save No Man’s Sky, or is it just too little too late.

no-mans-sky-base no-mans-sky-battle no-mans-sky-bridge no-mans-sky-lab

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