Homefront: The Revolution made its debut earlier this year, after a long period of troubled development. In the wake of negative reviews and a dwindling player base, Deep Silver recognized that the game was “less of a success” then it had hoped, but blames the timing of its release.

In a recent interview with MCV, Deep Silver marketing director Paul Nicholls attributed the failure to Homefront: The Revolution being released too early, which damaged the quality of the final product. “You can see in the market at the moment, quality is absolutely king and some big IPs have struggling figures at the moment,” he said. “We learnt a lot of lessons about what to do going forward. Not just the quality of the product, but when we launch as well.”

“The team at [developer] Dambuster did a fantastic job, With what the team there has done, getting the product patched and so on, the sentiment with consumers has really turned around.”.

After these patches, the community seem to be enjoying the game a lot more. “We’re getting a lot of positive feedback compared to when we launched, so timing was probably the biggest lesson we have learnt there,” Nicholls concluded, showing once again that games are much better when companies take their time to polish them before release.

Homefront: The Revolution currently has a metacritic score of 54 on PC, 49 on PlayStation 4, and 49 on Xbox One. We gave it a score of 5/10, saying it is a “derivative military shooter with a cliche story and repetitive gameplay. The world the developers have created is indeed an impressive one, and there are one of two clever ideas to be found, but revolutionary it ain’t.”

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