Microsoft has unveiled its Games with Gold lineup for the month of December. As usual, gamers with Xbox One and an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be getting 4 free games, with their Xbox 360 counterparts will have to settle for only two.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will be available on Xbox One for the whole month of December. This open-world game follows Wei Shen, an an undercover cop trying to take down the Hong Kong Triad from within. It mixes hand-to-hand combat, gunplay and intense driving into one awesome gameplay experience. Naturally, the Definitive Edition comes with all the DLC included, so if you did play the game when it first came out, you might want to grab this deal just for that.

Starting December 16, horror fans will be able to get a free copy of Outlast. Investigative journalist Miles Upshur finds himself trapped in a mental asylum where the patients are all twisted by a dark force, but what’s worse – their are out of their cells. Out is a phenomenal horror game, and with its sequel coming out next year, this is a great time to play it for the first time (or the second, if you can take it).

This month’s Xbox 360 ( and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility) titles are Outland and Burnout Paradise. The first is a 2D platformer that has players switching between two opposite colors to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and save the land. The second is an open-world driving game with a smidge of car-combat and a lot of destruction.

Outland will be available on both consoles December 1-15, while Burnout Paradise is available from December 16-31.

Overall, December’s lineup seems a balanced one, with games appealing to a wide range of players. By the way, there’s still time to grab a couple of games from November’s lineup if you hurry.

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