Blizzard has confirmed it is working on a new the mysterious first-person shooter, after someone spotted a new job listing for an unannounced first person shooter on the company’s site.

The Job listing itself was posted on the main recruitment page on, and launched the search for a new Lead Software Engineer for a new first person engine. With Overwatch, an first person shooter with a perfectly usable engine, already on store shelves, it’s a lot more likely that this listing is for a whole new project.

After news got out about the listing, Blizzard went ahead and took it down. However, there is still another job post that mentions the same game engine. Shortly afterwards, the developers released an official statement regarding the project to IGN.

“We’re always working on different ideas behind the scenes, usually on the side or in smaller groups until we decide to move forward, and every now and then we look to bring in talented people to help move some of those along. We appreciate your help getting the word out—we’re expecting to post multiple openings for different projects in the coming months. That said, we don’t launch projects until we feel they match the vision we’re going after, so there’s always a risk that a project will be shelved or cancelled no matter what state it’s in. Because of that, we generally don’t make any announcements until we’re locked in on a project and it’s far enough along that we feel it’s ready to be revealed.”

The statement is carefully worded so as not to offend or reveal too much, but the basic summary is this: yes, a new FPS title is in development, but that fans shouldn’t get too excited. Blizzard even offered their signature approach “it will be revealed when it is ready to be revealed.”

What all of this boils down to is the fact that as always, there is plenty on the horizon when it comes to Blizzard Entertainment, but that it will be a while before we really know what it is.


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