White Noise, the team behind the Silent Hill mod Alchemilla, have teased a new co-op survival horror experience called Twin Soul.

From the teaser trailer, we know the game focuses on a house which seems normal at first, until freaky things start to happen. Whilst the trailer doesn’t reveal much, the IndieDB page has more information. It states that the players will need to work together to either avoid or kill monsters that they encounter, but monsters are extremely powerful and facing them all guns blazing is not often the right way to go.

“Each monster has their weak side. By learning monster’s behavior players can find how to act in each situation.” says White Noise. “Some monster can hear very well but barely see a thing in a meter. Other monsters can see very well, but hear almost nothing.”

The story is about two souls trapped in purgatory, trying to escape. The heroes are apparently trying to find their way in this new and scary world, to discover why they are there and how to get out.

Twin Soul has no release date as of yet, but keep an eye on this one.


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