Sony has posted a video on the PlayStation blog to show the interior design of the all-new PlayStation 4 Pro.

The video also shows how you can replace your 1TB HDD without voiding the warranty. Take note that further opening your new console, and removing the anti-tempering stickers might void your warranty.

Much like the original PS4, the PS4 Pro is not compatible with external hard drives to expand the standard 1TB of memory. However, thanks to the official teardown video, technically savvy gamers will be able to not only take a can of WD-40 to a dusty cooling fan but upgrade the internal hard drive once they inch closer to the 1TB limit.

Although the primary ambition of the video is to show the engineering prowess of the PS4 Pro, the host made sure to actually detail how to properly open the mid-generation console.

Ultimately, the teardown video doesn’t go into the specifics of how to clean or upgrade the PS4 Pro. However, you can find more details about it on the console’s official FAQ.

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