HTC has announced a new tether-less VR upgrade kit for the HTC Vive, made by TPCAST.

This new add-on will allow users to roam freely around their game-space, without the fear of tripping over cables. The current version of device will come with a small battery that will last for an hour and a half of gameplay. A bigger battery will be sold separately, and will rest in the user’s pocket instead of on the headset itself.

TPCAST developed the upgrade a part of HTC’s Vive X program – a program that invites tech startups from around the world to join the Vive community. TPCAST was one of the first developers to join the program, and their new tether-less upgrade kit may also be the first product to hit the market, as they are planning an early 2017 release.

Upload VR first reported on this new add-on, and it also has a demo of the wireless upgrade in use. The site claims that there are no noticeable drop in latency, which we all know is very important to us gamers.

The wireless adapter became available for pre-order earlier today at a cost of about $220 (plus shipping), but sold out within the first 18 minutes. As of now there have been no announcements as to how many more units will become available after the initial launch.

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