Plague Inc: Evolved has added a new virus that really shakes up the game. The popular disease simulator (and the exciting game of strategy behind it) has now added the terrifying Shadow Plague, which is vampiric in nature.

As the Steam update page says, you can:

  • Consume humanity – Feed carefully to grow in power and transform into a monstrous bat to strategically set up lairs and shadow portals.
  • Emerge from the Shadows – Create slaves to worship your vampire and use Blood Rage to defeat the Templar who hunt your vampire as well as the WHO who seek to eradicate your pathogen
  • Cover the world in darkness – Master unique gameplay mechanics and strategies to help your vampire rule the world!

As a small additional bonus, there is also new Brexit events that allow players to vote on whether the world has suffered a soft, hard, or even “brutal” Brexit. Or, if they like, they can remain in the EU.

The DLC is completely free for those who own the game already, so if you have Plague Inc: Evolved, don’t miss out on this unique new virus.

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